The Luso Café, belonging to the same pre-Pombaline building where the mother house is located, the mythical Café Luso, “Fado Cathedral”, had its first moment of existence in the 90’s of the twentieth century.

In 2003, the renowned architect Miguel Saraiva designed the space design and the Luso Café logo.

Complementary space, for the enjoyment of customers who attend Café Luso, and simultaneously independent, has become one of the most trendy bars in Bairro Alto, with weekly music programming, especially Jazz, and also with Poetry sessions.

Respecting this legacy, it reopened in 2015 after a period of redefinition, adding value to the space with Fusus decoration.

The glass doors create the showcase effect for the street, with an interior connection joining Café Luso.

Sometimes this space is shared by Clients and Artists, who use it freely to rehearse and tune instruments. Clients interpret this proximity to the Artists as luck or privilege.

As for private events that take place in this space, the products FIND TASTE (enogastronomic experience) and VINNIC DESGARRADA (wine tasting) are the most sought.

There are also various events, including product launches, private or business meetings.

Luso Café is the official antechamber of the mother house, Café Luso, and is worth it in itself.