• 9 December 2019

    18 POEMS, 18 WOMEN

    For the first time Florbela Espanca’s poetry in book and disc.

    To interpret 18 poems by the poet, the editor Samuel Lopes chose 18 female voices from fado.

    The recurring theme in Fado coincides with some of the themes that most touched Florbela Espanca: love, destiny, the condition of ‘being Portuguese’, the feminine, intimacy ”

    Simone de Oliveira, Mísia, Joana Melo, Ana Lains, Kátia Guerreiro, Sandra Correia and Joana Amendoeira are some of the voices that interpret Florbela Espanca’s verses.

    Fadista Carla Pires, in the image, a guest artist usually invited to Macega Winery, is one of the voices that immortalized the poetry that marked the tragic existence of this singular poet.