• 11 August 2017


    From 24 July to 7 October

    Most of the living generations have read some of the collections of adventure books written by the English author Enid Blyton. The collection The Five will be the most read, among other stories of adventures and diverse characters, among them the Noddy (fictitious personage created, originally published between 1949 and 1963).

    The imaginary of the adventures of Blyton’s characters is characterized by suspense, by overcoming the obstacle, by the relationship of the human being with nature, by a moral vision (uplifted) of the universe and by the restoration of the final order, always in natural and cultural landscapes ) Markedly British.

    Enid Blyton has published more than 600 works.

    This bibliographical exhibition, at the National Library of Portugal, celebrates simultaneously the 75th anniversary of the first adventures of The Five and the 120 years of Enid Blyton’s birth (1897-1968)

    Campo Grande, 83

    1749-081 Lisbon