• 11 December 2018


    The Fado Festival in 2018 will have been unforgettable for the many who attended.

    First of all, the family of the honored one, Celeste Rodrigues, and all the close friends that the grandson Diogo Varela Silva did not dispense. The great-grandson Gaspar Varela has proved once again his commitment to the Fado and the memory of his beloved great-grandmother tonight.

    In a very special year, in which the Fado Museum turned 20, we were treated with the presence of its director, Mrs. Sara Pereira. From this institution, also Mrs. Isabel Marques.

    Equally honorable, the presence of Mrs. Catarina Vaz Pinto (Culture and International Relations CML) and her assistance, Dr. Daniela Horta Monteiro.

    The fado community appeared once more in great number.

    Once again, in the accomplishment of this event, the contribution of the artistic director, Mrs. D. Elsa Laboreiro, was precious.

    The presence of some other eminent artists, not of fado, among them the actors Ruy and João de Carvallho (father and son), the director of the Company of Dance Welcome People & Arts, Manuela Tavares, and the singer- Liana.

    In the scope of the tribute, the exhibition “Fado, Memórias e Revelações” (Fado, Memories and Revelations) was inaugurated, with unpublished images by fado singer Celeste Rodrigues, and other fado artists, some of them present at this event, Jorge Fernando, Fábia Rebordão, Kátia Guerreiro, Hélder Moutinho, Gisela João, Joana Rios, Teresinha Landeiro, Ana Moura, Ana Roque, Carlos do Carmo, Dulce Pontes, Carla Pires and Marta Pereira da Costa.

    Exhibition until 26.12.18 at the Fado House Café Luso and Adega Machado, Bairro Alto, and Timpanas, Alcântara.