• 12 December 2016

    FADO PARTY (celebrations), WHAS GOOD?

    Was. Since Café Luso fulfills the initiative to point out the elevation of Fado to Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2012, the date of the first anniversary, a new tradition seems to be establishing itself at the height of this historic establishment.

    In addition to the presence of the artists belonging to the Fado & Food Group castings, artists from different generations, who embodies Fado, have joined this important celebration and make it follow.

    Not being able to exhaust the total number of presences, and highlighting the honorable presence of the Portuguese Guitar Master, António Parreira, among guests and others who joined the party, here are some names:


    Marina Rosa, Fernando de Sousa, Bernardo Espinho, Sérgio Silva, Cátia Santos, Fernanda Santos, Maurício Cordeiro, António Martins, Filipa Tavares, Miguel Costa, Liana, Bruno Chaveiro, Tiago Fins, Tiago Correia, André Vaz, José Carreiro, Carolina Gomes, Vitória Leuca, Teresa Tapadas, Miguel Silva, Mónica Fonseca, Jaime Aragão da Rocha, Adelaide Sofia, Susana Pinto, Sara Duarte, Renata Pawelec, Ana Sofia Marques, Diana Soares, Fernando Costa, Liliana Martins, Filipa Carvalho, Joana Rangel, Rita Santos, António Barbosa, Teresinha Landeiro, Cátia Santos, Hugo Prazeres, Augusto Ramos, Joana Almeida, among others.