• 24 February 2020


    In 2020, the Fado & Food Group announces a broader package of products that synthesize differently the experiences of watching Fado live with its gastronomic offerings.

    FADO INSIDE THE BOX, on its way to completing five years (2014), established itself with a high demand event. Daily, at the Adega Machado fado house (1937), for one hour you can watch live fado with wine tasting and snacks.

    FADO ON THE RIVER (2019), about to restart the second season. Fado out of doors with Lisbon and the Tagus River, major inspirations of fado themes, as a backdrop.

    “DESGARRADA VÍNICA” Wine Tasting ”, opened in 2020 in great style, the potential objective is very clear: in a convivial environment, to make known the rich diversity of wines from the various regions of Portugal.