• 22 April 2019


    The 7th edition of the RAM takes place in 2019. If it is true that this initiative of success was initially proposed as an opportunity to introduce young and unknown talents, but the fact is that it also received several and competent Fado professionals.

    Today we announce the fado singer Catarina Metello, who had the month of March on her own.


    a) How was born your passion for singing fado?

    I compare Fado to Love!

    Love at first sight, a friendship was born, made of complicity and respect, begins to gain shape and color, to become stronger and more secure, melted. Music has always been a benchmark in my life …

    It was a surprise, because I did not know, I learned to like, listening, living and feeling.

    Soon in the first attempts of interpretation, of which it is UNIQUE throughout the World, Fado, I felt that there was no better way to express, all the feeling that exists in me.

    Its musicality, its poems, its history, make me feel closer to myself, more complete and authentic.


    b) Has any figure of Fado been a determining factor in your passion / inspiration?

    Determinant, yes …

    Fado itself, for all its envelopment, from the magical trill of the Portuguese Guitar to the remarkable rhythm of the Viola de Fado … to all the Fadistas, both singers and listeners.


    c) What or which fado styles do you most enjoy playing?

    I like everyone, but I identify more with the Traditional Fado, mainly for the possibility of adapting unpublished poems, that are not sung, and that approach more of my life history, achieving in this way to commit all my feeling of soul and heart, better defend the harmony between (Poem, Music of Fado and Voice)


    d) What importance and significance has this artistic residence in the Café Luso?

    It was an experience that brought positivism, allowed me to surpass myself, to have the comfort of musicians, especially Jorge (acoustic bass)

    But most of all, personally to me, the key word to describe the Residence boils down to Elsa Laboreiro for all the support and councils she gave me, and that I tried to defend and improve even in the short time of the Residence, but that remain for the continuity of my course. Always says my Godfather: “The easy is already done” so I will continue the path of evolution.