• 24 February 2020


    Recently opened the new Restaurant Menu of the oldest fado house in Lisbon, Café Luso.

    Inseparable in a fado house, the restaurant at Café Luso has earned its own place. It is a reason to visit when new gastronomic proposals are announced.

    In recent years he has ventured into modern languages ​​of making and presentation, but never forgetting its origins, national cuisine.

    With the new A La Carte, there is a rapprochement with the origins. This return allows us to revive the experience of the most traditional knowledge and flavors, desired by many Portuguese and visitors who want to know what we have most authentic.

    Every night, from 19:00, between what is eaten and listened, Tradition is fulfilled.

    The new menu of the Café Luso restaurant has the latest signature by Chef Aléxis Gregório. Because he died suddenly on January 10, he did not attend the launch.

    If there is more to discover, refer to “Bulhão Pato” Clams, Alheira Croquette, Roasted Pepper Mayonnaise, about soups, the indispensable “Caldo Verde” with Corn Bread and Chorizo, in Dishes, Fish, Sea Bass Fillets, Rice Tomato, Braised Cod and Octopus Rice, and Meat, Black Pork Loin, Asparagus Migas, Portuguese Steak.

    Until now, the evaluations could not be better. Knowing, proving the proposals of the new A La Carte is also a way of honoring him.